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Finance big expenses at lower rates with an unsecured personal loan and pay back with comfortable monthly payments.

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Major Purchase Loan Options

Paying for a large purchase on a high-interest credit card can be costly. A fixed-rate personal loan can be used for almost any purchase—planned or unexpected.

That lingering medical issue suddenly requires surgery. Your car breaks down without warning. The roof starts to leak and needs to be replaced. Unexpected things happen to us all at some point. When life throws you a curveball, a personal loan can help get you back on your feet again, quickly and easily. Rather than stress over paying out of pocket or dealing with high interest credit cards, a personal loan may be a simpler option. Subject to loan approval and verifications, your money could be deposited into your bank account in as little as one business day. Paying it back is simple. With a single monthly payment, your payment will be the exact same amount on the exact same day every month. 

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Our customers love how easy our process is and the valuable time they can save by using our service. Our lenders and lending partners are ready to provide the funds you need for your next major purchase.

Good job CreditLief. I don’t like to leave comments or testimonials on sites but in this case, I feel like I needed to. I will be returning here if I need to borrow again.

Mary E.
Downey, CA

A stress-free loan can help you restore order

  • Large appliances
  • Home repair
  • Dream vacation
  • Vehicle purchase
  • Wedding expenses
  • Medical costs


Details about major purchase loans

While others stare in dismay at the remains of their busted dryer, others look to personal loans to tackle these sort of situations. Yes, personal loans can even make major purchases easier. With a personal loan you can own the unexpected. When life throws you that next curveball, use a personal loan to knock it out of the park. You don’t have to let unexpected events stress you out; you can show them who’s boss. The best part about a personal loan is you can do with it what you want. So, if the unexpected happens and your dryer breaks, the kitchen sink springs a leak and you get a flat tire, you will have it all covered. Personal Loans don't require collateral and are based in large part on a borrower's ability to repay. They are more likely to be negotiable than a credit card and usually have a fixed term of one to five years. Convenience and liquidity. If you have immediate short-term cash needs and have most of your money fully invested, it could make sense to avoid cashing in any investment accounts, potentially paying taxes and penalties in doing so, and simply utilizing a line of credit. This also assumes that the cash you have fully invested will return a higher rate to you than the rate you would be paying out on the line of credit.

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