Wedding Expense Loans

A wedding is an important event in life.

With all the expenses associated with a wedding, you can find help and pay for it over time with a personal loan.

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Wedding Loan Options

A wedding loan is an unsecured personal loan that you take out to pay for your ceremony or reception and all the expenses that come with it.

Some lenders refer to this type of debt as wedding loans, while others categorize it as loans used for special occasions. But most personal loan lenders will allow you to use a standard personal loan to pay for your event. Your loan’s interest rate will be based on your credit history and income. Borrowers with excellent credit and a solid salary usually will qualify for the best rates. Even if you’re offered the lowest rates available, using a personal loan to pay for your wedding generally isn’t advisable. Borrowing money to pay for your wedding is the most expensive way to get married. In addition to paying for the cost of goods and services, you’ll pay interest on the money borrowed. A lavish wedding might feel necessary because of pressure from friends and family — but before going into debt to afford your dream day, consider cutting costs to bring your expenses in line with your budget.

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Most common wedding expense checklist.

  • Venue
  • Photography & video
  • Flowers and Decor
  • Catering
  • DJ and live music

Your big wedding day

Your wedding day is supposed to be one of the happiest days of your life – and also one of the most expensive. The average cost of a wedding is about what you would usually pay for a mid-sized sedan, and as you start to gather quotes, you may be shocked at how much goods and services actually cost. Also, the budget you originally had in mind could start to multiply significantly depending on how fancy you want your wedding to be. With unexpected expenses and last minute additions, you can see fairly quickly how the costs can skyrocket fast. If you need additional funds for your wedding expenses, a wedding loan may be something to consider. Wedding loans allow you to spread out payments over time and still have the wedding you always wanted. With the financial aspects of your wedding planner, you can start enjoying this special time together. Remember - you are planning the experience of a lifetime! We understand you need funds fast to lock in that perfect venue or book your favorite band. Our loan partners are committed to helping you find a loan for your needs and budget in a timely manner. Make your fairytale wedding come to life.

Why get a personal loan for your wedding

Personal loans can help you avoid potentially undesirable situations like dipping into your savings or using credit cards with high interest rates to cover the costs of the celebration. It can also allow you to avoid asking family for money, but if you’re comfortable with that and can get a 0 percent interest loan from a family member, that may be a good route to take. It would allow you to spread out the costs of the event without incurring interest charges or loan origination fees. However, you may not have family members who are able to loan such a large sum, or you may be wary of the strain such a large loan would place on your relationship. Borrowing money for a wedding could also help you preserve your savings. A solid emergency fund is an important financial tool to have at your disposal, and you may want to keep that money where it is should a catastrophe pop up. Keep in mind that if your savings is allocated to something like a home purchase, though, taking out a large personal loan may affect how much money you can borrow for a mortgage, or even put your approval in jeopardy. Wedding loans may help you afford the day of your dreams, but be careful: You want to be sure you can afford any loan you take out.

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